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About Us

Yizheng Hengsheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Welcome To Hengsheng

Founded in 1992, HS Scaffolding is one of the market learders for the supply of System Scaffolding, Steel Boards, Stair Tower, Aluminium Stairtower and Extrusions, as well as Scaffolding Ancillary components.

All HS Scaffolding products are designed, developed and manufactured in HS Scaffolding own facilities to guarantee the very best build quality,all the products we supplied are of the highest quality and comply fully with all relevant stanards .The Sales and engineering/design division have a wealth of knowledge stretching across the industrial sectors , this combined with our very experienced manufacting stuffs , we ensure you receive a service that is second to none .Buy a HS Scaffolding products and you are investing in the future of your company and investing in the safety of your employees.

HS Scaffolding commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our products and also in the enthusiasm and experience of our staff .We listen to the feedback you provide us with , this gives us the opportunity to constantly improve on our products and services .At HS Scaffolding the customers always come first, our team is highly trained and knowledgeable about all the products we supply and can provide comprehensive prices, assistance and technical expertise on any project.


Our aim is to respond quickly and effectively to every your needs ,for us ,excellence comes as standard from receipt of your order  The equipment is batched and shipped quickly ,responding to your requirements and deadlines The quality of our After-Sales service is also renowned, providing customer support throught out the life of their project.

We Are HS Scaffolding , We Think Safety !

Why us?

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