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Temporary Roofing System

HS Temporary Roofing System

The HS temporary roofing system is based on captive sheet located within in a track spanning the area requiring coverage, quick and simple to erect using lightweight aluminium components, the HS System which enables the client to achieve weather protection in a quick, safe and economical method.

The HS temporary roofing system has the capabilities to span up to 40 metres using standard beam configurations and even larger structures and spans can be achieved with the aid of a scaffold designer.


  • Fully modular roofing system in a range of sizes to fit any project.

  • Fits on any scaffolding system or tube and fitting, maximum on-site flexibility and stock utilisation.

  • Multi-function beams with separate tracking, use beams for other purposes when roof is idle.

  • Two beam ranges 45 and 78cm, cost effective solutions for a range of span widths

  • Range of beam sizes from 0.5m to 8cm, best fit for all applications

  • Mono or duo-pitch roof configurations

  • Sheets can be terminated at any track joint, allows split or staggered bays and copes with overlength roof beams

  • Individual bays easily opened, allows access for craned materials

  • Can be rail mounted on steel rollers, whole sections of a building can be uncovered



  • Minimal number of different parts, simple logical assembly and easy stocking

  • Unique connection technology for tracking requires no couplers or pins, tracks slide into position, simple safe and quick assembly in situ

  • Loose components eliminated, all parts snap together without bolts


High Performance

  • Clear spans up to 40m (45m with extra design measures), exceeds most competitors.

  • Unique rubber seal between tracks, seals and locates perfectly while allowing gap between tracks for sheeting termination.

  • Special spring-loaded track tensioners keep roof perfectly weatherproof at all times

  • Compact beam ridge, allows tailored roof profile and reduced scaffold mass

  • 18 degree pitch, efficient water dispersal and no ponding



  • Durable PVC Sheeting firmly secured in Keder tracking, safe erection from below

  • Lightweight aluminium beams and bracing, erect in situ or at height without the need for cranage

  • Superior strength and durability, proven even in the worst UK weather conditions