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Aluminium Joists & Stringers

ALuminium Stringer Beam

High strength aluminum stringer beam are the low-cost alternative to lumber for shoring and forming applications. Non-corrosive, they can be used over and over again eliminating scrap and new material costs. Labor savings are substantial because the aluminum joist and stringers are lighter, easier to handle than wood while offering greater capacity. Joists and stringers are available in a number of lengths and are widely used with forming and shoring systems.


Nailer strips, available in either plastic or wood, are flush with the top of the joist and stringer and prevent grout leakage.

Wider nailer strip in joist makes nailing of deck easier and quicker.

High strength �C up to 300 lbs. per linear foot at ten-foot spans for joists and up to 635 lbs. per linear foot at ten-foot spans for stringers.


For any stationary shoring application.

Joist used in conjunction with forming system.

Can be used in the decking of large work platforms.